The route

Start: Fairbanks, Alaska

South to Anchorage and then eastwards to Tok and the border in to Canada. Down through the Yukon Territory and in to British Columbia. Cross the border just below Vancouver and then southwards, stopping in Corvallis to see Vicky, Bend to see Karyn and Bear Valley to see a whole bunch of people. Then south to Yosemite, Joshua Tree and the border in to Mexico. Down the Baja peninsula and then a boat across to Mainland Mexico. Keeping on the Pacific side of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Crossing into South America via a boat in to Colombia. Southwards to Ecuador, into Peru and the Andes. Passing through La Paz, Bolivia, looking at some salt flats and then in to Chile. Take in the sights of Valparaiso and on to the Carretera Austral and in to the wilds. Re-visit the Patagonian National Parks of Fitzroy and Paine and then a final push down in to the Tierra de Fuego.

Finish: Ushuaia, Argentina


2 thoughts on “The route

  1. This is going to be awesome!!!! The Carretera Austral will remind you a bit of NZ……yep, lots of rain and Fushias instead of Pungas, but very similar. Are you going to cycle across the actual salt pan? If so, Fish island is a good place to stop, have a break and watch the sunrise. Basically, I am really jealous of the trip you are doing, well, not the cycling side of things!! Kia kaha and no last minute DIY injuries!! Kia ora Wendi 🙂 XXOO

  2. Hiya! Your trip looks amazing 🙂

    My husband Rob & I are just about to leave for a 6 month trip….and looking at your itinerary I think we’ll be in Chile at the same time, so would be cool to see you guys!
    Jess (Fiona Avis’ daughter)

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