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9 thoughts on “Spot tracker

  1. Bonjour Adam and Claire,

    I notice your are coming close to the HuayHuash cordiliere. I have a friend who hiked it , summer 2013. It is wonderful, it was the highlight of her hiking trip. Hope you’ll have a chance to put the bicycle aside and hike a little bit there.
    Be safe!
    Marie met in Oregon

    • Bonjour Marie
      Glad your trip went well and I agree with you about the Golden Gate Bridge. It was all a bit crazy! We have just cycled around the western fringe of the Huayhuash and it looked spectacular. We are now in the Cordillera Blanca and about to do a loop through the mountains there. The thought of putting the bikes aside and hiking is very tempting – my backside would approve! The mountains here are amazing and we are really enjoying exploring this area on the back roads.
      How is life back in Montreal? Are you planning your next cycling trip?

      • Happy to ear form you. I am following your route every week and always hoping you are safe in this country. I am back to school. It is a great year, the children are very nice. Fall colors are almost over and ready to welcome the snow…brrr!!! I am thinking of a cycling trip, almost shure it will be in France although for next summer I am hoping to do a long 3 weeks hike in the Yukon backcountry with a friend from Whitehorse.
        Stay safe, enjoy the scenery and the travelling. Say Hello to Adam.
        Wonder, how many km you have covered since the beginning of your trip?

  2. We have been enjoying following your blog this whole time. The pictures are beautiful and bring back great memories of our time in South America. You are inspiring us to plan a really good long bike trip. Thanks for the great updates. We look forward to them.
    Sharon and Bob in Victoria, B.C.
    (rode with you from the ferry to town)

  3. Bonjour Claire and Adam,

    I continue following you on your blog and with the spot. I can see that your are cycling hard to achieve your goal to be in Santiago in March. I hope you are still enjoying yourself. Touring is a challenge although since I came back I am dreaming of an other trip. Next summer it will finally be a long hike in the Yukon.
    Take care!
    Marie from the Pacific coast

  4. FĂ©licitations Claire et Adam!
    You did it! Back home…
    It was fun following you and reading your blog. I hope going back to work and the routine won’t be to hard. Let us know how it is.
    Take care!
    Hope to meet with you sometime on the road.
    Marie from the Pacific coast…living in QuĂ©bec.

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